Cities are full of amazing talent our company presents them to you

We make Companies better and Candidates happy!


We're a group of passionate and experienced Human Resources & Talent Acquisition Professionals, delivering exceptional results, with urgency, across industries. We specialize in Direct Placement, Executive Search in Hi-Tech & Technology fields.


We Make Companies Better by providing Affordable, Tech-savvy, and Boutique Recruitment Solutions to meet hiring goals. Our solutions and unique strategy enable the placement of diverse and top-talented professionals who drive performance in Corporations, Small Businesses, and Unique brands. In most cases, our hires take less than 30 days.

We Make Candidates Happy by providing ‘Solutions for Success’ including Resume Services, Career Consultations, Professional Branding, Job Listings, and an outstanding Candidate experience.


Our Strategic Partnerships, cultivated relationships, and networking aide us in our ever-developing, extensive talent pipeline of thousands of professionals.



Our Strategy 

Increase Qualified Candidate pipeline

Increase Diverse

Candidate pipeline

Increase Candidate to Employee Conversion Rate

Increase Candidate

Pipeline Speed

Reduce Time to Fill

Fill more Jobs

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Subscription
Retain a Recruiter
Pay Per Position
Social Recruiting
Contingency Based
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